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Project ACT (Awareness, Counseling, Testing) began as the HIV Prevention program for Positively Living in January 2015, prioritizing HIV testing within the LGBTQ community.  Ernie Hoskins came on board and helped to mold the program since its inception.  From 2015 until now, Project ACT has seen major expansion with the addition with HCV testing in 2016 and PrEP/PEP navigation in 2017.  2017 also brought new members to the Prevention team, Guy Tustin and Sara Alese both started out as volunteers but it was clear from the beginning that both were a huge asset to the organization.  2018 will be prove to be another major year for Project ACT, now offering further STI screening, PrEP & PEP services, and a SSP (Syringe Service Program).  We look forward to continuing our work in the community by providing easy accessible care and treatment for those in need.

Ernie W. Hoskins, Prevention Director

Ernie Hoskins helped to establish Project ACT in January 2015 where he began at the Prevention Coordinator, since this time and the implementation of other programs and addition of new Prevention employees, Ernie is now the Prevention Director.  Ernie strives to provide a safe space for the community while fostering a relaxing environment for clients and coworkers alike.  Ernie recently earned his B.A. in Applied Behavioral Science and is currently contemplating further educational opportunities.  In his free time Ernie enjoys relaxing time at home, reading, working out, traveling, watching movies & cooking for friends and family.

Contact Ernie @ (865).525.1540 ext. 226 or [email protected]

Guy Tustin III, HIV Prevention Coordinator

Guy began as a volunteer for Project ACT and through expansion in 2017, became the HIV Prevention Coordinator. Guy works closely with staff serving the community through HIV testing and counseling, PrEP Navigation and educational outreach. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and has currently hiked more than 100 miles of park maintained trails in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Aside from being passionate about HIV Prevention and hiking, Guy is also working to complete his B.A. in Global Health and has a 5-year-old Bloodhound named Waylon that keeps him on track. He is right where he needs to be, helping a community he loves and belongs to, find the answers they need. Call or email Guy to schedule an appointment for a Free HIV test.

Contact Guy @ (865).525.1540 ext. 206 or [email protected]

Sara Alese, SSP Coordinator

Sara began working at Project ACT on a volunteer basis in 2015.  In July 2017 Sara came on board as the full time HCV Prevention Coordinator.  Sara is an experienced Professional Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer and has a wealth of knowledge of Blood Borne Pathogens.  Sara’s passion is testing those at high risk for HCV and educating the community on how important sterile syringes are to stopping the spread of HCV and HIV.  Sara’s honest and frank nature allows her to communicate with clients easily.  Sara’s goal is to help those in need make healthier decisions.  Through her volunteering, she made has connections that led her to being in the right position to help Project ACT develop a Syringe Service Program. She found purpose and she hopes to radiate that into her community and help others find the same.

Contact Sara @ (865).525.1540 ext. 205 or [email protected]

Ashley Myrick, HCV Prevention Coordinator

Ashley began as a student intern in Positively Living’s case management department. She then began volunteering with the prevention team by doing Hep C testing and working on the SSP Unit. Ashley is now the Hep C coordinator and continues to work on the unit as she has a growing passion to fight the stigma attached to addiction, Hep C, and HIV. She also has a love for the outdoors as well as her yoga practice. Ashley spends her spare time in the Smoky Mountains, the lake, local state parks and at her home studio, Renegade Yoga Center. She has recently completed her B.S. in Social Work. Call or email Ashley to get a Hep C test or to find out more about the syringe services that are offered by Project Act.

Contact Ashley @ (865).525.1540 ext. 396 or [email protected]

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